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    How to tune in!

Online-Radio-Listeners-e1348074852391How can you listen to Yes OnAir?

That's easy - you don't have to come to our web site to listen to Yes OnAir - you can tune in from many other sites and computer players like iTunes & Windows Media Player.

You can also listen to our station on a Wi-Fi Dab Radio by adding this information to your channels or you can tune in using your mobile phone as you'll also find Yes OnAir in many mobile phone apps from companies like Nokia, as well as free down-loadable phone apps from for Android and Blackberry phones... to be honest the list goes on.

If you're a Facebook fanatic then you can also find a player right there on facebook pages from the likes of and our own 

It's spreading and already enjoying a large audience that's growing as we add more music and schedule more programming for you.

So - Enjoy - and let us know what you think as things develop.



WelcomeWelcome to Yes OnAir.

The Yes OnAir web site always in the workshop being worked on! but you can still tune in and listen to bands from around the world (including Scotland) who have submitted their music to show their support for Yes Scotland.

But what is Yes OnAir? Well that's simple to explain. Our site is the front-end to our exclusive Radio Station which aims to bring you interesting, fun and informative shows and podcast downloads about everything and anything to do with the support of the Yes Campaign for an Independent Scotland.

With feature interviews - your messages - call in radio shows dicussing topics suggested by you as well as your photos, videos and things you have found that you would like people to know about.

Our radio station will bring you some very interesting features and allow you the chance to get your say and ask your questions.


A Teaser Trailer for the new station... this is a "clip" the station will be a streaming 24 hour player and also available on iTunes and other radio listings.

    Aussie Chart Topper Joins Yes Onair

Tori Darke - Dreams & ChancesWe're delighted to have Australian Chart Topper Tori Darke join the station with the addition of tracks from her Dreams & Chances album.

Tori is an amazing singer & songwriter and we're sure that she'll appeal to a large number of our listeners and we're also delighted to add some great music from down under.

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