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    Crowd Funding Campaign 2015

Go Fund Me

Yes OnAir needs your help for a new start in 2015

During the referendum campaign Yes OnAir was set up to help broadcast the thoughts, aspirations and hopes of those who wanted change in Scotland.

Now in 2015 Yes OnAir aims to increase the programming and campaign to support the SNP in the quest to secure as many Westminster seats as possible, because we all know that the Mainstream Media will do the exact opposite.

But we need your help to do it.

Our aim is to not only increase the listener numbers and to reach out to those who voted 'NO', but to also increase the programming and to make the station an important campaign tool at this crucial stage in 2015.

All donations will go directly to system overheads, increase the capacity of the station and the availability of the station through Mobile Apps, DAB Digital Radios and various on line applications to reach as many people as possible with new programs.

The financial target we have set for this campaign will help pay for the on-going fees for the technical systems the station runs on for the year ahead and give us the opportunity to continue the station with the new volunteers and programming coming on board.

We will be posting updates and plans as they evolve on this page and also on our social media sites over the coming weeks and aim to bring you some new features via the web site during this fund raising campaign.

    Scottish Independence Live Events

Scottish Independence Live Events

Scottish Independence Live Events joins Yes OnAir

Thank you to all involved in Scottish Independence Live Events for their excellent coverage of live events you won't ever see on Scottish TV.

Yes OnAir is delighted to bring you content from the meetings and demonstrations that they have covered on our station.

It was confirmed today that Yes OnAir will broadcast speakers from various past events in an effort to keep you informed on what has - and still is - going on out there on the streets and meeting places around Scotland.

Our hope is to bring even more information to listeners who tune in from those who are there on the ground taking the information directly to the people and finding out what people are really talking about.


    Content Call Out

computerAnalogMicrophoneContent Call Out!

We've been very busy with other YES campaigns and content and unfortunately Yes OnAir has taken a bit of a back seat due to these other commitments, but with the finishing post only weeks away and with a good following Yes OnAir is looking for some final content in the run up to the September 18th Deadline. 

Podcasters, Public Meeting Recordings or even just you with your Yes story.

If you are interested in providing some content then get in touch - find details here in this site or find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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2015 Crowd Funding